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How can you pass your driving test?

Passing a driving test on the first time is not an easy mission. You are put under a big pressure to pass, and a failure can get you down for the next time. Also, only about 50% of driving students pass their test on the first time. It seems like parallel parking is the thing that keeps many driving students away from the license. However, there is a way.

We have found various guides on the net that claim to help you to pass your driving test. To get only the best ones, we surveyed 527 people who passed their first driving test. This way we ensured ourselves that each guide we find is really worth it.

The discoveries were interesting. It turned out that Pass Your Driving Test offers the best value. It is also on sale right now, so the value is greater.

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Preview eBook

The author of Pass Your Driving Test agreed to publish a preview eBook about driving test mistakes.

You can find many common driving mistakes on this eBook. You are also encouraged to give it to your friends and family members who may find it useful.

To open the eBook you need Adobe Reader. You can get the latest version here.

The eBook can be downloaded here.

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Driving Test Guides

These are the three most common driving test guides that came up in the survey (with the overall reviews from people):

Pass Your Driving Test - shows you not only what not to do, but also what to do during the test and exactly how to do it. Offers a great value for its price of $47. (see a more detailed review below)
Total survey rating:

Get Ready to Pass - has an extensive collection of DVD videos that explain about the driving test. However, you cannot practice them during driving since you cannot watch a video while you drive.
Total survey rating:

Driving School - this option is great, but it is very expensive. Driving schools ask for over $50 per hour, and with some states having a 50 hour minimum requirement, this can add up to thousands.
Total survey rating:

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Pass Your Driving Test Review
By GripBuy.com

The Pass Your Driving Test guide gives you the most accurate advice, tips, and practices to successfully pass your driving test on the first time and getting your license.

We gave this guide to a teenager whose only experience is the 6 hour instructor requirement. He was told to use only this guide and his parents' assistance to practice for his driving test. The result was amazing.

He took the test in California, a state known for its harsh driving test rules. Our test teen passed his first test with only six mistakes! This is less than half the number of allowed mistakes. Also, his mistakes were tiny mistakes that he made because of the test excitement and anxiety.

Here are four reasons why we chose Pass Your Driving Test as our winner:

  • Step by step instructions about making turns - not just "turn your wheel to the left".
  • Fully printable - a parent or friend can assist you when you practice.
  • Tips and advice for the test day itself - our tested teenager told that one tip saved his test.
  • It's on sale currently, and it costs much less than a driving school.

GripBuy.com rating:

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