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A Huge 60% Of Learners FAIL Their Driving
Test. Don't Let Yourself Become One Of Them...

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Dear soon-to-be driver,

If you're learning to drive, this could be the most important website you've visited all year.

Why? Because I have some potentially shocking news for you:

You Might Not Know It, But Your Driving
Instructor Is Probably Swindling You

Think about it. They get paid by the hour. The longer you take to learn, the more they get paid. If it takes you 5 hours, they get paid 5 times. If it takes you 50 hours, they get paid 50 times.

Unfortunately this means they have a direct incentive to teach you as slowly as they can. Or worse, they could be giving you extra lessons you don't need just so they can pocket the cash.

If you got paid by the hour, would you try and do your job as fast as possible, or would you drag it out as long as you could before your customer noticed?

OK, so you might do the ethical thing and just concentrate on your client, but I'm willing to bet (and I'm sure you'll agree) there are plenty unscrupulous people out there who will unfairly charge their clients for extra lessons that they don't really need.

And worse, as a learner you might not know whether or not you need the extra lessons. But your instructor definitely does – it's his job to be able to tell when you're ready for a test!

If he (or she) insists you take even one extra lesson than you don't need...

They're Basically Stealing Your Money
Right Out Of The Palm Of Your Hand!

I suppose I should be fair and say that there are only a few underhanded people that would actually try to rip you off like this, and that your instructor is probably a nice guy, but...

Even if your instructor isn't doing it on purpose, they might be doing it accidentally. If they're not very good at teaching, it'll take you longer to learn. If they can't see that you're ready for a test, it'll cost you more.

However you look at it, needing fewer lessons and passing faster means two things: you get your license quicker, and it costs you less money at the end of the day.

Maybe I'm being a little harsh on driving instructors. Maybe you have a great instructor who is doing a great job and you're very happy with the service. If so – good for you, and good for your instructor!

Let's assume for a second that your instructor isn't ripping you off (on purpose or not), and is only giving you lessons that you really need. How much are you paying? It's probably around $40-50 per hour, right?

It takes the average learner more than 45 hours of paid lessons to pass their test - that's
thousands of dollars. However you think about it that's a lot of money. Especially seeing as after you've passed you've got to buy a car and insure it on top!

You Can See The Problems
That Learner Drivers Face:

  1. You could be getting ripped off by a devious driving instructor who loves the feel of your cash in his (or her) pockets.

  2. Even if you have a great instructor, it could still cost you thousands to get to the stage where you're ready to pass your test.

But don't panic. Today is your lucky day. Today is the day you change the way everything works. By the time you've finished reading this website, I'm going to show you how you can:

  • Save money on your driving lessons

  • Learn to drive faster than ever

  • Find out what examiners want to see in a test

  • Need fewer lessons than average learners

  • Pass your test quickly and easily

  • Most importantly... pass your test first time!


Colleen's testimonial

I Passed My Test First Time, But...

I'm not telling you that to brag or show off, I'm telling you so you know that I'm qualified to be talking about this sort of thing. It's not easy to pass your first test – as many as 60% of drivers fail. That's more than 1 in 2 people!

So how did I do it?

Unfortunately, there's no magic words you can say to your examiner to make him pass you (like the Jedi Knights do in the Star Wars films!)

I had to spend months talking to my instructor and getting every last detail out of him on what the test would be like, what the examiner would be looking for and how I could make it go as smoothly as possible.

I also spent a heck of a lot of hours in the library reading books on cars, mechanics, road safety, and learning to drive. Plus, I scoured several books on psychology, taking job interviews (the two situations are actually very similar), staying calm under pressure and anything else I could find which might give me any sort of edge.

Luckily for me (and now you!), I had a great instructor who taught me very well, and my local library was chock full of insightful books. I was able to put everything I had learned into practice, and pass the test first time.

And now that you're here, I can share with you exactly what I learned, and what it takes to be one of those special people: a first time passer.

Plus, you'll learn how to pass in super fast time with as few lessons as possible so you can get out on the road with more cash left in your pocket.

Take A Second To Imagine The Scene...

It's the end of your test. You've just pulled back into the parking lot, applied the brake and slipped the car out of gear. You reach forward, gently twist the key and turn the engine off, breathing slowly. With only the slightest hint of apprehension, you turn to your examiner to hear his verdict...

The test itself was pretty straightforward. You drove well – confidently, calmly and with great control. You listened to your examiner and followed his instructions to the letter. You didn't panic and you didn't get flustered. You executed every maneuver perfectly, every gear change smoothly, and handled every dangerous situation like a pro.

You were completely prepared and remembered all the advice you'd been given. The last 30 minutes was the best driving you've ever done. What's more, you took the test a full 5 lessons before you thought you would! You're already planning what to spend that $200 on when...

Your examiner has finished marking his sheet. He turns to you with a blank face. Then he smiles...

“Congratulations. You've passed your driving test!”

As difficult as it might seem, that scenario is much more possible than you might think. It all comes down to knowing the right things on the day. And that's where I can help.

Before I go any further, I want to quickly clear up a few questions you might have:

What if I'm not in the US?

Yes, different countries do drive on different sides of the road. Yes, different countries have slightly different road markings, signs and rules.

But a car is a car wherever you are in the world, and the basic criteria for passing your driving test are very much the same around the world.

So whether you are based in the US, the UK, China, Australia, India, or anywhere else, what I have to share with you is very important and very relevant.

What if I've already failed one or more tests?

That doesn't matter. It just makes it all the more important that you pass your next one!

What if I'm really struggling?

Then you need all the help you can get, and I'm about to give you some of the best help you'll ever have. Remember, I passed my test first time, and I've helped tons of people do exactly the same thing.

Tests are all the same, whether it's your first or fifteenth. Some people find them extremely stressful and hard, while for others it's a breeze. Some people I've helped even enjoyed their test!

If you're struggling, it's probably only on a few areas, right? Obviously I can't make you pass a test if you've only had 3 driving lessons, but I can help you to learn faster so you need fewer lessons before your test.

If you're getting ready for a test but you're still unsure of yourself, I can show you exactly what examiners are looking for so you're there with the right answer (or driving maneuver) every time they throw something at you.

What if I've already got government approved training material?

Government issued driver’s handbooks are an undeniably important resource when learning to drive, but they don't directly address the practical test itself and what the examiners are looking for.

It might help with general good driving practice, but it is not written with the examination (or indeed how to pass the examination) in mind.

In order to ensure your success in the examination, you need something that focuses completely on this objective.

What if I'm already a great driver?

If you're a great driver, what are you doing here? You're obviously doing the smart thing of preparing well for your test. Even if you're a skilled learner, you've still got to pass an exam that more than 1 in 2 people fail, and that's where I can help you out.

So how exactly am I going to help you? Well, after I passed my test first time, some of my friends got jealous and started claiming I'd cheated, bribed the examiner, rigged the car, faked my certificate and all sorts of other things. It was hilarious!

But a few of the smart ones asked how I did it, and asked me to help them pass their tests.

I wrote a guide to passing a practical driving test for them. After showing it to my smart friends and seeing their reaction, I thought maybe I should share the guide with more people... and that's when I created this website.

Introducing... “Pass Your Driving Test”

pass your driving test

Pass Your Driving Test is the culmination of everything I learned about passing your driving test first time. It covers absolutely everything you need to know, and nothing extra (I don't want to waste your time giving your boring junk you don't need to know).

  • The 10 basic elements inside a car which you must be familiar with in order to pass your test. It's so easy to slip up on one of these simple things and BAM! You've failed.

  • Exactly WHY mirrors are so important, and how you should use them during maneuvers like changing lanes to demonstrate to your examiner that you are a safe driver.

  • How to control your speed effectively and easily, and 3 speed control skills that will make you look like a professional chauffeur.

  • The different types of intersection you might come across in your exam, and how to smoothly and calmly handle them all without hesitation, step by step. Be prepared for these and they won't trip you up or slow you down.

  • How to handle roundabouts, traffic lights and road crossings with ease. There are a few “idiot proof” rules when it comes to these road elements, and once you know them you'll wonder why you ever found them difficult at all!

  • All the various circumstances you might encounter when turning left or right, and exactly how you should approach each one. There are a few subtle differences which can immediately fail your test if you're not aware of them.

  • Why it's vital that you pay attention to the type of road you're driving on, and how it might affect your test. If you don't know what to expect, you might get a nasty surprise and fail!

  • How to park safely and quickly in the smallest of spaces. Plus, how to choose which of the 4 types of parking for the situation you're in, and execute even the most complex parking maneuver without faults.

  • Find out what to do in special conditions like poor visibility, poor weather or on dangerous roads. Many learners don't experience these conditions during their lessons, so you'll be prepared for anything in your test!

  • Pre-test preparation tips. These helped me pass my test first time, and they'll help you too.

  • The one single ultra important thing you should do on the day before your test. So many people skip this and fail because of it. Don't make the same mistake!

  • What to do on the day of the test, and during the test itself to give yourself the best chance of passing, including a list of things you should absolutely NOT do. These quick and simple rules are easy to follow and can make a HUGE difference to your results.

  • Exactly when your test ends – I've heard some horror stories about people who thought their test was over before it actually was. They failed because they didn't know they were still being tested!

  • Dozens of “Hot Exam Tips” spread throughout the book, highlighting vital nuggets of information for your exam. These are worth their weight in gold!

  • The specific criteria examiners are looking for. If you give your examiner what he (or she) wants, you'll get what you want: a license!

  • A set of practical test exercises to practice with your instructor to prepare you for your big day.

  • And much, MUCH more practical test advice and information, including examples from my own test and how I used my skills and knowledge to overcome difficult situations and pass first time.

This is a 70 page book, delivered to you as a PDF file which you can download and read on your computer or laptop, or print out and read on the bus.

It includes full color pictures and complete explanations of all aspects of your driving test, plus what to look out for during the test and what you should do before the test to prepare and give yourself the best chance.

This is the ultimate driving test companion manual, crammed full of real life insider secrets that your government or state issued handbook won't have. This is the real deal, based on the reality of getting a drivers license.

It's not some waffly government handbook promoting safe driving, it's everything you need to know to pass your practical driving test, straight to the point and easy to read.

When you're learning to drive, you have an instructor to teach you about the mechanics of the car. But they very rarely teach you about exam technique and what it takes to “beat” the examiner. And that's where my and my Pass Your Driving Test guide come in.


William's testimonial

“What's This Going To Cost Me?”

By now you're probably wondering about the price, right? Well...

I've worked hard to put together a guide which is useful, up to date, relevant, concise and to the point, and covers everything you need to know to give you the best chance at passing your practical driving test first time.

It's based on everything I uncovered during my experience as a learner driver, and I passed first time – so you know it works!

When I was writing the guide, I wanted to make sure it was available to as many people as possible, and that it cost less than a single driving lesson. That way, if I can save you even a single lesson, you've saved some money.

Most lessons cost $40-50 per hour, so I've set my price very low: you can download my Pass Your Driving Test guide right now for only $27.

Think Of This As A One-Time
Investment In Your Drivers License

In just the same as you pay for lessons, you can get my guide to first time passing and give yourself a boost in confidence, experience, skill, knowledge and preparation.

More than 1 in 2 people fail their test worldwide, but with my guide by your side you can significantly increase your chances of being one of the special minority of learner drivers who ace their test.

Plus, my goal is to save you money in the long run by improving your skills behind the wheel...

Every test you take costs you money. Every lesson you take costs you money. Every time you have to resit a test or have more lessons, it's costing you more and more of your hard earned money.

By using my guide, you could need fewer lessons and could pass your test first time. And that means that it would cost you way less!

What would you do with the extra money? I put my leftover driving fund towards my new car, and was able to actually get the car I really wanted instead of a beaten up old banger!

Now I can zoom around with complete freedom, in my brand new car. The freedom is unbelievable, and with my help, you can get yours faster than you ever thought possible.

My Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee


Once you've got my guide and you've used it to prepare yourself, you'll be a better and safer driver. I'm so confident of that fact, that if you find that my guide doesn't help you at all I'll give you a full refund.

For the next 60 days, you can try out my guide completely risk free. At any time during those 60 days and for any reason, you can simply send me a single email and I'll refund 100% of your purchase with no hard feelings.

Try it out for 60 days, save money on your lessons, pass your test first time, get your drivers license and get out on the open roads faster than ever!


There's nothing else left to say, except click the button below to download your copy of Pass Your Driving Test, and I wish you the best of luck with your exam!

Get your $27 book now with the following coupon code: IWANTTOPASS

Just paste the coupon code in the text box to get your discount.

I hope you make the smart decision today and download my guide. If you have any questions before you get it, you can contact me at any time via email. Once you've got the guide itself, feel free to email me and ask for advice on your test itself – I'm always happy to help out my customers.

My email: GreatInfoProducts [at] (replace [at] with @)

To your brand new drivers license,

Nadav Snir

P.S. Remember, more than 1 in 2 people fail their test. That means more lessons, more tests, more money and having to wait for your license. Most people fail because of simple mistakes which is down to poor preparation. You're obviously trying to prepare yourself well because you've found this website. Now all you've got to do is take the next step.

Get my guide today and don't become a statistic. Become a proud first time passer, and spend your money on something you enjoy instead of more lessons!

P.P.S. I have a full, rock-solid, iron-clad, bulletproof guarantee. If you're not happy with your purchase any time in the next 60 days, just send me an email and I'll refund 100% of your money. No fuss. No quibbles. That's a promise. You really have absolutely nothing to lose by trying out my guide for 60 days!

P.P.P.S. Learning to drive was one of the best things I've ever done. I just wish I'd done it sooner. Being able to just drive off into the sunset whenever I want to is an incredible feeling. I don't have to rely on slow, expensive and crowded public transport. I don't have to rely on my friends and family to give me lifts everywhere.

I can go where I want and do whatever I want, whenever I want. And now YOU can too – with the help of Pass Your Driving Test, you can get the freedom that a drivers license offers. Don't wait, get your copy of my guide right now and get started right away.